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At Josta Tech, we turn the complexities of Generative AI, LLMs, GPT-4, and beyond into tangible business growth. Our advanced AI strategy, product management, and training services position you at the forefront of the AI revolution.

AI Solutions for the Future-Forward Business

Transformative AI-Powered Business Solutions

Transformative AI-Powered Business Solutions

Leverage the power of the latest AI tools and software to streamline operations, stimulate growth, and enhance your digital footprint. From generative models like GPT-4 to personalized chatbots, Josta Tech is your reliable AI ally.

Proactive AI Consultancy

Proactive AI Consultancy

Our hands-on approach prioritizes collaboration. We work with you to understand your distinct challenges, identify AI opportunities, and formulate customized action plans. Our comprehensive training and long-term support ensure your successful transition into the AI-driven future.

All-encompassing AI Integration

All-encompassing AI Integration

We provide AI solutions that touch every aspect of your business - from productivity and customer service to marketing and administrative automation. Utilize the potential of AI for content generation, data-driven insights, and innovative applications.


Iain Morrow, CTO

Iain Morrow, CTO, Openbox Models

We engaged Joshua to develop the initial version of our Openbox AI. He remarkably delivered an initial working model in a short span and rapidly iterated based on our feedback. In just a matter of weeks, we had a product that excited our customers. His insights on the rapidly evolving AI landscape were invaluable. We look forward to working with him again.


Meet Joshua

Joshua Segeren is not your average AI consultant. An accomplished entrepreneur with an impressive track record at Microsoft and Amazon, he brings a unique blend of hands-on expertise and leadership experience to the table.

As the founder of Josta Tech, Joshua uses his diverse skills to craft practical, value-driven solutions. His approach? Dive deep into problem definition, stay updated with the latest in tech, and view AI as a tool within a larger toolkit.

His relentless pursuit of excellence, sharp eye for detail, and passion for engaging digital experiences make him more than a consultant. Joshua is a strategic partner, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of emerging technologies.

Joshua, Founder of Josta Tech

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We embrace change and push boundaries to create innovative solutions that drive success.


We believe in the transformative power of collaboration and work closely with clients to achieve shared goals.


We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that exceed expectations.

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